Have your emails been ending up on the sides of milk cartons – vanished without a trace? Well, you can end your search and rescue mission because Chris Lang, email deliverability guru and CEO of Key Web Data, sits down with Kim Albee for a very eye-opening webinar on the top 10 indicators that send your emails into Gmail’s promotions tab or spam folder. 

It’s time to get to the bottom of your inbox quandary! Let me ask you this: how many great emails have you sent out and the recipient has never opened ’em? Frustrating to say the least! And not to mention the time and effort you spent in creating all that content.

This happens more than you’d think, especially now that Google has 400-450 algorithms that judge your emails’ “indicators of quality.” Now, before you run to the nearest techie, there’s a simpler definition. But I’ll let Chris explain it best.

Today, more than ever, email deliverability is critical in nurturing relationships and growing your business. It’s trite but it’s true: the money’s in the list.

Chris has been described as the “Email Delivery Detective” for his e-forensic ability to solve even the toughest email cases. His seasoned detective work has recaptured hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue for companies struggling to reach their audience’s inboxes.

Here’s just a sampling of his solved cold cases:

  • Do you delete your unengaged email addresses? Discover why this may be a bad idea.
  • Could you rival Billy Mays as the ultimate pitchman? You’ll be surprised at what this strategy yields.
  • Go look at the metrics for your open rates. [I’ll wait…] I’m guessing not what you’d like. Am I right? Chris delivers email strategies that will boost open rates by 8-10%%

Now, for the real “aha” moment! Chris calls it: “Delivery-Ability.” Chris caps off this session of insider know-how by hosting a Q & A session after the webinar. He fields questions and gives solutions to common email deliverability problems that everyday users (like you?) experience with every send. This is hundreds of dollars in advice for FREE!

Please post your questions in the comments section below; we will be monitoring and responding.

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