Customer Solutions

Small & Mid-Sized Businesses
Engage your perfect potential customers.
Break through the noise with emails that respond to the people on your list and turn them into customers. SMB marketing isn’t about blasting out emails; it’s about engaging with leads and guiding them on their journey to becoming your customers. Genoo allows you to create an engagement engine for your organization – one that will make your competitors wonder what you’re doing (and wishing they were doing it themselves).
Continuing Education Programs
Fill more seats; increase your revenue.
Lumens Connect, powered by Genoo™ provides continuing education programs with the tools and insights they need to get more students into seats, fill more classes, and reduce course cancellation rates. Deep integration with Lumens™ Enrollment Management System is coupled with CE-specific training and coaching to give Lumens™ customers the marketing edge that increases program revenue.
Marketing Agencies & Consultants
Create a (new?) healthy revenue stream.
Do you provide marketing services to clients? Are you currently providing inbound and email marketing and management services? If you’re interested in building a monthly on-going revenue stream without giving your clients a shopping list of things to sign up for, we have a solution that should interest you. Run email marketing programs on your terms, bundled into your monthly services, with all the capabilities you could want.

Marjorie Saulson, Vibrant Vocal Power

Genoo provides strategic thinking as well as the back-office support I need to keep my business running. The powerful email system, coupled with the insights I get from how my campaigns perform and knowing the interests of my leads - I can't imagine a better system. Thanks, Genoo Team!

Kurt Rump, TightKnit

Our content marketing just keeps getting better with Genoo. The data shows us what our leads love and respond to. We know we’re writing what our audience wants to read, and that leads to more conversions.

Mike Mullin, Integrated Business Systems

Genoo gives us insights into the behaviors of the people on our list so we can do a better job of figuring out how to reach them. The information we collect is really useful and helps us deliver the right message.

Merri-jo HIllaker, Global Mindset Mastery

Through working with Genoo, I am truly able to make a huge difference in my audience's business success, serving them where they need the most help. Not only has it increased my sales dramatically based on their perceived needs, but allowed me to support them in overcoming their shortfalls which has created even greater results for them.

David Ostrow, Fitgolf

“With just the little I have done in the last few weeks we already see improvements in lead engagement and more sales.  It is so cool.

We have done many things to improve our website and email data and this singlehandedly has been the top successful group of actions, by a long shot.”



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