Do you want to increase your prospect potential, build a more engaged list, and have a reason to reach out to people who come to your site? Well then building a GOOD attractor is the way to do it! With good attractors you can provide value to your audience, but most importantly you can SELL WITHOUT SELLING! How does that sound? Pretty good, right?

The overwhelming feedback from our Lead Nurturing: Easy as PIE series told us that the #1 biggest boggle for Marketers is Attractors. So our very own, Kim Albee and Margaret Johnson decided to shed some light on the best practices when it comes to building attractors to wrangle your leads.

We had another great turnout, for this remarkable and engaging event. The questions were great, and Kim and Margaret took the time to provide some feedback not only for B2B marketers, but also for B2C as well as specific fields. Check out the video below for a replay of the webinar:

So Let’s Dive In…

What is an Attractor?

An attractor, also known as a lead magnet, is defined as “content that is perceived as relevant by your target audience.” This content needs to be valuable enough for leads to be willing to give you their email address in order to receive it. The attractor is typically free – to provide the widest scope of potentials. But most importantly, an attractor is NOT the same thing as a CTA or an offer.

An attractor can be a webinar, white paper, checklists, quickstart guide, contest, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. In order for your leads to become engaged and wanting more, more, more of your advice and information, you need to provide value to your target audience with your attractor.

It doesn’t hurt to shorten the information per attractor and provide multiple chunks, instead of one long list too. (We call that practice “Info-snacking” and you can learn more by watching our replay of “How The InfoSnack Habit Leaves Your Brand Forgotten” with special guest Nick Kellet.)

What is Relevant?

If you’ve decided on what kind of attractor you’re going to build, but you don’t know if it’s relevant; how do you find out? We find the best way to figure out what content is relevant is by click testing and through the use of buyer personas.

Click Testing

At Genoo, we test through the use of scoring and metrics. Data does not lie! We present a variety of topics in the email and we measure interest through clicks (hence “click testing”). That’s how we decide on what our audience thinks is relevant, and what is not. As Margaret put it in the webinar, “we are planting seeds, and seeing what grows.” You never know what will be relevant to your audience, unless you test. So try it out, and let us know how it goes for you!

Buyer Personas

Buyer personas provide great insights about your customer and what is relevant to them, if you set them up correctly. The problem is, many marketers think of buyer personas being more of a “Buyer Profile.” Does your buyer persona include the kind of car they drive? Or their marital status? If your answer is yes, then you NEED to watch our webinar replay on “Beware of the Buyer Persona” with Adele Revella, because that is a Buyer Profile, not a Buyer Persona. To be useful, buyer personas should reveal insights about the buying process.

What is the “Right” Way to Drive Traffic?

There are many ways you can drive traffic to your site and obtain more information about prospects. Broadcast emails and segmentation emails are awesome! You can find out exactly what your leads like and don’t like, and break it down from there considering whom you’re going to target.

Make sure you gate your content! What happens when you send out an email? It gets forwarded. If you don’t have a lead capture form gating your attractor you won’t be able to see who views your information.

If you want to hear more about Building Attractors that Wrangle Leads, please view the replay at the beginning of this post. (Spoiler alert – in the last 15 minutes of the video, Kim and Margaret take questions from engaged participants; they might just touch on something you are wondering about.)

Please post your questions in the comments section below, we will be monitoring and will respond. I hope to see you at our next webinar. Good luck building your attractors!