I know, I know! Content is the big elephant in the corner of the marketing room, isn’t it? What should I write? When should I write it? How do I know what to write about? How do I share my content? So many questions… and they all start with one hard truth: you must have content.

If you don’t have content that people want to read, you’re sticking yourself in the land of sales marketing. You’re sending emails to your list trying to get people to buy, and you’re doing it over and over again. And guess what? They will turn you off. People don’t like to be sold to, and they’ll only put up with it for so long before they unsubscribe – or worse, they DON’T unsubscribe, but they just stop paying attention to you.

Our fearless leader, Kim Albee, recently participated in a panel discussion at Club E in Minneapolis. Below is an excerpt of that discussion – four minutes you’ll REALLY want to spend.

Content is the biggest and most important part of your marketing strategy, which is why we’ll be digging into this at Marketing X-Factory Live. The faculty we’ve assembled will open your eyes around content and how you can engage your leads – the people on your list – at a new level and with absolute clarity.

Watch the excerpt. Join us at our next 3-day virtual event! Dial this content thing in once and for all – and weave it right into your long-term strategy. You will see how everything fits together.

Isn’t it time to tame that elephant in the corner? If not now, when?