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Consider These Content Marketing Realities:

Over 60% of organizations do not have a content strategy, yet the vast majority of organizations, when surveyed, indicate they need to produce more content.  Layer in the fact that in addition to having no content strategy, they also lack a content development process.

The need for content in B2B marketing is exploding. Yet, few organizations (and marketers) understand how to assemble a content strategy, develop content assets, or manage content creatives effectively.  Most B2B Marketing departments are “skin & bones” – meaning they have a lot to accomplish and not a lot of resources to get everything done.  To deploy campaigns that will engage, and achieve the results that are needed to drive qualified leads to sales, B2B Marketers must master all aspects of managing the content marketing reality – from strategy to development and campaign management.

Most Marketers Need Help

Most marketers create content on-the-fly, without a rock solid content strategy in place. Or, if they have a content strategy, it’s based on what they want to say, not what their perfect potential customers want to hear. A winning content strategy not only delivers on YOUR business objectives, it satisfies the curiosity of your perfect potential customers, meets them where they are in their buying journey, and guides them along the path to becoming your customer.

Our Process

We crawl into the head of your perfect potential customer, learning their pains, challenges, needs, and desires. Using what we’ve learned, we evaluate your competitors, your content, and YOU. It’s a big job, and the insights we get form the basis for your finished Content Strategy.

What You Get

When all the work is done, we get back together with you to share our findings. You walk away with the full presentation, which includes:

  • What we learned about your perfect potential customer
  • How your competitors are talking to them
  • How you are talking to them
  • The difference you can make (otherwise known as “the pivot”)
  • Nine to twelve fully-fleshed out content threads
  • Recommendations on other changes that will increase your results

Let’s Light This Candle!

We love working with organizations who are open to new ideas, who can approach a content strategy engagement with an open mind, and who are committed to doing the work that will increase their results.

That may or may not be you.

It all starts with a conversation. You can schedule a thirty minute call right now, and we’ll figure out together whether, and how, we might move forward together.


If you have the time, the energy, the commitment, and the objectivity, you can certainly work through getting your content strategy in place yourself. BUT – you must have ALL FOUR, or you either won’t get it done or what you get done won’t make a difference.

That’s why our clients hire us. We get it done in four weeks, and it makes a difference in your results. No kidding.

“We were blown away by the content strategy Genoo delivered to us. And, when we offered up the first attractor they recommended, we got 166 leads for one of our primary service offerings.” 

Mike Mullen

“Going through this process has been one of the most important experiences and difference-makers in our company.”

Brendon Oehser
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