The Marketing Automation Solution for WordPress

WP Marketing Engine was created to give small business owners and marketers an entirely self-contained marketing automation system right inside of WordPress. There’s nothing else so capable and so comprehensive available.

WPMktgEngine is ideal for online coaches and trainers, solopreneurs, and small businesses where marketing is done by one of the bosses. If you’re tired of the short end of the stick, band-aid solutions, and having to be some kind of technical wizard, WP Marketing Engine is the tool your business needs to rev up your marketing and get results – all without leaving WordPress. WPMktgEngine was created to get technical headaches out of your life.

WPMktgEngine is a very lightweight WordPress plugin that leverages a hybrid model: the Genoo cloud environment to secure and serve your data, manage your leads and emails, AND the power of WordPress. It does not impact your hosting package nor your WordPress environment, and works with just about any quality WordPress theme.



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