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Great Websites are a Marriage

What do you want?

  • A gorgeous website that tells visitors all about your company?
  • A website that converts visitors to leads and gives you an opportunity to guide them down the path of becoming your customer?

Why not have both?

Great websites are a marriage of design and function. They start a conversation with your leads, using terms they understand (not lingo or jargon). They feed site visitors with yummy bits of free content and entice them to give up their name and email address for even more content.

We are crystal clear about what websites SHOULD do.

What breaks our hearts is the number of websites that DON’T do it.

We’ve seen companies spend upwards of $50,000 on a new website, and, while gorgeous, the site is a brochure, and the only calls-to-action are “Set an appointment” and “Subscribe to our blog.”

This has got to stop.

Our WordPress Website Development Process

It starts with an understanding of your perfect potential customer. If you’ve been through our content strategy engagement, you’ve got a head start. If you have a content strategy in place, and your buyer personas (perfect potential customer profiles) developed, you might have what we need to create a stellar website for you. If you haven’t got that in hand, honestly, that’s where you want to start.

Based on that information, we start with a sitemap and wireframe, and you and we will tweak it together until it fits your objectives and what your customers want to see. From there, we proceed to design, and we’ll review your home page and one interior page design with you. More tweaks, until you love what you see. Then… you guessed it, we put it in place, get everything set up, and show you what to do going forward.

We Aren’t For Everyone

We only develop websites in WordPress, and we only do websites for organizations who are, or who are committed to, using our Genoo Marketing Automation platform.

You might wonder why we don’t just do websites for everyone. Candidly, we’ve gotten our website design and development process down to a price point that small and mid-sized businesses can afford, and if we aren’t using our WordPress capabilities, it takes too long. Who has time to figure out a dozen or more different plugins and get them all working together to do what our products can do in a single plugin? If that’s what you want, there are a lot of website companies who will do that for you. We’re not a website company. We’re an engagement company, and every service we provide is designed to foster engagement with site visitors, leads, and customers.

Are We For You?


We won’t know for sure until we spend a little time on the phone. You need to get to know us, and we need to get to know you.

If you’re willing to start there, and you are open to some frank and candid conversation about your current website (if you have one), then let’s talk. Click the button below to set up a thirty-minute call.

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