Marketing Training

Build your marketing muscles.

Being a great marketer is more than software.


  • engaging the people on your list
  • sustaining that engagement over time
  • understanding their interests and needs and responding with great content

Any software company can teach you how to use their software. We’re committed to helping you be a great marketer.

Attract the people who are most likely to buy from you.

Convert visitors to leads.

Convert leads to customers.

Email Expert Academy

Your email list is your pot of gold, and what is even better than gold? How about tripling the ROI you get from that list?

Email Expert Academy teaches you how to listen to the people who are your leads, nurture them throughout their buying journey, and turn them into customers when they are ready to buy. Sales and promo emails can work for the people who are ready to buy right now. But did you know that’s only about 6% of your leads? What are you doing with the other 94%?

Email Expert Academy is an eight-week, video-based training course that you can take at your own pace. Over fifty lessons and tutorials in bite-sized, easy-to-consume chunks, complete with downloads and bonus videos to support everything you’ll be learning. To see the full course and everything included, and to have the option to sign up, visit

ContentZAP Academy

Developing a rock-solid, no-kidding, get-it-done content strategy requires a rock-solid, no-kidding, get-it-done process. While we offer content strategy engagements as a done-for-you service, we’ve also created ContentZAP Academy to teach you everything you need to know to create your own content strategy.

Don’t be taken in by the folks who promise you that you can create a content strategy in a three-day workshop, or over a weekend, or in a few hours. Yes, you can create something – but it likely won’t get it done. The Genoo Content Strategy Process is what you’ll learn in ContentZAP Academy, a process that consistently performs, surprises, and delights.

ContentZAP Academy is a thirteen-week course, delivered online and at your pace, complete with downloads, cheat-sheets, and the resources you need to create your own rock-solid, no-kidding, get-it-done content strategy.To find out more, visit

Magnetize Your Market Workshop

It’s no secret: to build your list you need at least one really great lead magnet (or what we call an “attractor”), something valuable and yummy that you can offer as a download in exchange for an email address.

Here’s the secret: that’s only a small piece of the strategy you really need. And here’s another secret: you don’t have to offer a big fancy download to build your list. There will be work to do, yes, and the Magnetize Your Market Workshop will show you how to work smart, eke every bit of value from your work, and set you up to build your Know-Like-Trust factor with your new leads – so they’ll be more likely to turn into customers.

Magnetize Your Market is a three hour workshop, offered once per month.



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