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A Critical Workshop for Marketing Leaders & Strategists



Starting February 1, 2024, Google and Yahoo have implemented stringent new regulations for email senders. If your business or institution sends over 5,000 emails in a day, these changes will impact you, regardless of the nature of your emails.

Workshop Highlights

  • forwardUnderstand the New “Bulk Sender” Rules: A deep dive into what the 2024 rules from Google and Yahoo mean for you today. 
    (Yes, more than 5,000 emails in a day means you’re now considered a bulk sender.)
  • forwardEffective Email Strategies: How to maintain your sending volume without compromising deliverability and quality.
  • forwardNavigating Spam Filters: Techniques to reduce the risk of being marked as spam (these techniques could also keep your emails out of the Promotions folder).
  • forwardThe Surprising Pieces You’ll Want to Deploy ASAP: Tools and tactics that help you get the results you want AND maintain your personal, trust-building brand.


You will receive the workshop recording along with your 5-Step 2024 Email Marketing Playbook, including the step-by-step guide and our recommendations for your success – no matter what marketing automation platform you use.



 Don’t let your organization fall behind. Ensure your email strategies are future-proof. Get the workshop and playbook now to pave the way for successsful email marketing in 2024 and beyond.


Your investment:




Not sure? See the shocking result one client who did NOT attend the workshop has experienced since February 1 – below in the first FAQ.


Why this workshop?

  • emailExclusive Insights: Get ahead with our 5-Step Playbook designed to navigate these new challenges.
  • emailAvoid the Spam Filter: Learn strategies to ensure your emails reach their intended audience.
  • emailStay Compliant: Understand the new rules in depth and how they impact you.

Who should hear this?

Marketing leaders and strategists  in organizations who send more than 5,000 emails of any type in a day, any day.

  • forwardVice Presidents of Marketing
  • forwardChief Marketing Officers
  • forwardDirectors of Marketing
  • forwardMarketing and Content Strategists

FAQs – in case you have Qs:

Q: What happens if I don’t pay attention to any of this and keep doing what I’ve always done?

A: Google has stated that it may choose to delay or not deliver emails that don’t meet the standards they have implemented as of February 1, 2024 – and that would include ANY type of email, not just marketing emails. Only you can decide the impact that would have on your business. (We’ve had one client report that their open rates have dropped from 90+% to an average of 2% since 2/1. That client is now making the changes we recommend in this workshop.)


Q: Do I have to be using your software for your tactics to work for my emails in 2024?

A: Absolutely not (though we’d love it if you were). The tactics we’ll be sharing are for anyone who is sending more than 5,000 emails in a day, regardless of what platform is sending those emails.


Q: You said “regardless of the nature of your emails” above. What does that mean?

A: Google and Yahoo will consider you a bulk sender if more than 5,000 emails are sent from your domain in any single day, whether they’re marketing emails, transactional emails (like purchase receipts), software one time passcodes (OTPs), or regular ordinary emails. More than 5,000 in total of every kind of email from your domain in one day means that you’ll now be considered a bulk sender and subject to these new rules.


Q: Can Google really do this? And I don’t see a lot of Gmail.com emails on my list, so do I really care?

A: Yes and yes. The latest numbers show that Google has nearly 76% of email market share in the United States. What you might not realize is that a lot of company email addresses are actually delivered by Google. Even you are a B2B company emailing only business email addresses, you could still be sending the majority of your outbound emails to Google-based accounts.


Q: I know people who have big lists and send a lot of emails. Can I suggest they purchase this workshop?

A: Yes, feel free to forward them to https://genoo.com/playbook24 to sign up. The playbook we’ve developed is usable by anyone. 





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