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We’ve assembled some customer stories for your review.

Customer Stories

Here are some stories from our customers.  While we had not previously worked with organizations in these industry segments, our fresh perspective and disciplined approach produced results. Armed with our understanding of marketing, customer and prospect engagement, and our love of enabling the connection and building of relationships that work, we are able to make the difference our customers need in their marketplace.

Mindera Health

Electronic Payment Systems (EPS)

When we took EPS through our Content Strategy process, they were stunned with the results. We discovered a way to talk to their market that was unexpectedly different from their competition, yet exactly what customers wanted and needed to hear. It was a game changer!

Imagine a fundamental shift in your messaging that yields results the first time out?!  It doesn’t always happen this way – but showcases what is possible when you hit the mark.

Fitgolf Customer Story

Fitgolf shares their results in implementing the Email Engagement Blueprint.

They constructed nine emails total, across three segments.  “We went from zero engagement and zero active to 600 engaged and 50-60 new leads. We are experiencing Click rates are in the upper 30% when they were about 5-10% in the past. There are 600 people engaged, and 10 percent replying with “this article was great”. The language is unlike what we’ve ever sent out. Partners didn’t think it would work – but it is working! The partners are now convinced.”

Real results creates customers for life!

Adaptive Road
(now merged with Archer Point)

“Genoo heard our story, worked to uncover how we’re different, and develop content that was based upon our differentiators, and made us attractive to those people we were targeting.

Their process is different. Unlike anything we had been through in the past.

It was incredible and eye-opening to us as a company.

During this process the ability to uncover what we do, how we do it and why we do it, and focus in from an outsider’s perspective about what is different – that was a great experience, and one of the most important difference makers for us.

Without Genoo, we’d still be struggling. The ability to understand who we’re targeting, and the content that we want to deliver, and then actually producing results, and opportunities is amazing! Marketing is doing what we need it to do.”

View of the AktaryTech website that illustrates brand refresh.


“Kim and her team have had a tremendous impact on the AktaryTech brand and communications. Early in her tenure with us, she took on a full repositioning of the brand, clarifying our value proposition as a leading blockchain development company through a site redesign and consistent blog publishing. She then leveraged that rebrand to drive a content-based marketing strategy. This bolstered the SEO strategy she developed with an outsourced consultant, resulting in a #1 SERP result for one of our pages, and an increase to page 2 in SERPs for another.

Kim has also done a great job automating workflows in a way that gives us insights. Examples include tracking which new contacts scanned our NFC business cards and subsequently downloaded one of our white papers, tracking website visitors and automating the import of “contact us” form submissions into our sales pipeline software, and developing an email list and tracking open and click-through rates.

Kim has had many more accomplishments with us, but beyond that, her enthusiasm for the work and the industry has made it fun and engaging to work with her. She knows marketing and she knows crypto, and she’s been a fantastic addition to our team.”

Your Opportunity Is Immense


The number of practicing Dermatologists in the U.S.


The Top 10 Healthcare Providers make Payer decisions for almost 60% of Americans.


Medicare is the single largest health program in the United States.


The Dermatology market is predicted to have this value by 2030.

Let’s Keep Moving

We understand there is a lot to learn.  You are the experts in your field.  We are experts in engagement marketing. We know how to mine your expertise, ask pointed questions, augment with research and insights, to help craft the message and approach that can make the difference in gaining momentum for Mind.PX in the market.

Combined with our deep marketing tech knowledge and how to implement the end-to-end systems and metrics, Mindera Health will have a marketing system that collects the data that can be used to continuously improve your marketing and outreach.