Distinguish Who You Are in the Market and Set Yourself Up to Gain the Traction You Need!

AUG 26, 27, 28:   3-Day Deep Dive Workshop (Live Online)

SEPT 1 – Nov 24:   Weekly Implementation Intensive (Live Online) 

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Are you tired of chasing “shiny objects” and “silver bullet” tactics that don’t work?

Finally make sense of all of your marketing options, understand how it all fits together, and KNOW EXACTLY WHERE TO FOCUS your time and energy to get the results you want.

Marketing X-Factory Live is a different kind of event.  

It’s one where you’ll get your arms around the big picture of online marketing and how things work together to create your X-Factor.

As you go through the event, you’ll be listening from what you have in place already; what you don’t; and what will make the biggest difference. 

You’ll build your customized X-Factor blueprint and action plan, and you’ll know how everything works with everything else…

…and how to establish a terrific foundation, so as you get things working, you can press the accelerator and grow.


Discover Your X-Factor in 3 Action-Packed Days

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In an action-packed, focused, productive 3 days, transform your marketing into an “X-Factor” customized blueprint and action plan, to distinguish your business and grow your revenue.

And wait – there’s even more! 

Unparalleled Value

In Your Future

Your Marketing X-Factory Live ALSO INCLUDES:

A 12-Week Implementation Intensive

with weekly calls starting September 1st, covering these comprehensive topics:

Email Expert Academy Bootcamp ($1,997 regular price)
Ultimate Content Marketing Playbook ($997 regular price)
Magnetize Your Market – The Attractor Workshop ($397 regular price)
Segmenting for Success Workshop ($397 regular price)

and more!

That’s over $25,000 in value !!!

At Marketing X-Factory Live, You Will 

Learn and Engage with Our Award-Winning Faculty
and Build Your Blueprint and Action Plan!

Kim Albee
Founder & President

Carolyn Holzman
SEO Expert

Margaret Johnson
Senior Strategist,
Content Marketing Expert

Dr. Gary Sayler
Transformational Relationship Mentor
Emotions for Engagement

Renae Gregoire
Content Expert

Sonia Dumas
Sales Expert – Why They Buy

Location. Location. Location.

This jam-packed event is happening
wherever you are.

Join Us!

Listen to Past Participants…

This event makes a real and lasting impact!

The Agenda

At the end of 3 Days, you will have your “X-Factor” customized blueprint and action plan, to distinguish your business and grow your revenue.

But it doesn’t stop there! Now it’s time to put it in place with our 12-week Implementation Intensive!


Doing our part to flatten the curve – we’ve changed this from an in-person event to an online event.

Not only does that mean that YOU don’t have to travel, it also allows us to bring in faculty who would not have been able to participation in person. (Yes, we’re excited!)

In short – Marketing X-Factory Live is going to be better than EVER – and you can attend in your comfy clothes from wherever you are.

Wednesday, Aug 26th – Your X-Factor Baseline

8:30 – 9:00 AM Central Time – Log Into Your Zoom Meeting
9:00 – 5:30 PM Central Time –

  • check_circleThe Big Picture – how all the elements come together as your X-Factor.
  • check_circleNiche, PositioningThe key to your X-Factor is zeroing in on your perfect audience, and positioning yourself so you stand out.  If you don’t have clarity, you will spin your wheels.
  • check_circleContent That Engages – Assembling and producing content that hits the mark and engages your audience.  Learn how to deliver the perfect message that each lead wants to hear.


Thursday, Aug 27th – The Heart Of Your X-Factor

8:30 AM – 5:30 PM Central Time – 

  • check_circleWeaving Your X-Factor Tapestry – how your website, blog, landing pages, and social media work together to drive business.
  • check_circleGet Your Content Ranked with SEO – how to maximize your content by selecting and using the right keywords, and interlinking for your best advantage.
  • check_circleEmail Deliverability – how to reach the inbox, grow your engagement, and win more customers.
  • check_circleEngagement is More Than a Funnel – how you build relationships, authority, and trust with your perfect potential customers.


Friday, Aug 28th – Your X-Factor Cycle

8:30 AM – 5:30 PM Central Time –

  • check_circleAssembling Irresistible Offers – Product ladders that grow revenue.  How to create them and insert into your lead acquisition and follow-up effectively.
  • check_circleLove, Marketing and Business – An exploration of how to tap the emotions that will provoke engagement and action.
  • check_circleWhy They Buy – Different strokes for different folks!  Talk to them in their language and you’ll achieve results faster with less effort and guessing.
  • check_circleCreating Your X-Factor Blueprint & Action Plan

Everyone’s a VIP! (No Upgrade Needed!)

Special “Get-It-Done” Bonuses

We decided that we wanted to wrap Marketing X-Factory Live with extra training – so people could not only get their X-Factor Blueprint and Action Plan, but IMPLEMENT things and set themselves up for success.

So we’ve created a full 12-week program that includes our best training, along with LIVE Zoom based workshops and LIVE Q&A as well.  

Now is not the time to take your foot off the gas!!!  It’s time to design and implement so you are on TOP, and gaining traction.

Here’s What Else is Included

(in addition to our 3-day live virtual event that sets it all up)

Get-It-Done Bonus #1:
12-Weeks Live Training and Live Office Hours 
(value $21,600)

We are combining our best training programs together – so you’ll have on-demand access to view and review those, but then we are adding the following to our 12-week Implementation Intensive:

Weekly live training – in addition to the on-demand programs you’ll see below.  This will be one hour of live training each week – ask your questions, as we walk you through the modules and get solid on the concepts.

Weekly office hours – 3 hours per week of open office hours.  You will have access to myself, and my top marketing strategists each week and can join the Zoom and get deep dives that you need. 

Implementation can be tough — and we want you to win!

Get-It-Done Bonus #2:
Email Expert Academy Bootcamp 
(normally $1997)

Our most popular program of all time – INCLUDED with your Marketing X-Factory Live Registration. It’s a fantastic course to get your email marketing foundation built!

What’s included:

  • starModule 1: Your Engagement Blueprint – setting the foundation
  • starModule 2: Start on the Right Foot – get to know your leads, listen, and get to their inbox
  • starModule 3: Segmenting for Engagement – the strategy and the payoffs
  • starModule 4: Building a Relationship Strategy – and  pinpointing the right messages
  • starModule 5: Your Newsletter Strategy – keeping leads warm until they’re ready to buy
  • starModule 6: Sales Emails – the key to cold emails and mistakes to avoid
  • starModule 7: Understanding the Buyers’ Journey – and making offers at the right time
  • starModule 8: Metrics and Fine-Tuning – optimizing for sales with what you’ve learned
  • starWeekly LIVE implementation / Q&A calls – starting May 12 to August 4.
  • starAdditional bonus materials within the course – like email and nurturing sequence templates, email copywriting bonus, how to build a big list fast, and more!


Get-It-Done Bonus #3:
Ultimate Content Marketing Playbook 
(normally $997)

The ONE THING that gets in the way of consistent results with marketing (and email) is the challenge of developing content that hits the mark.  Because you’re not a copywriter, yet you want to make a big difference in your niche.  

We assembled an entire package that transforms your content conundrum into a consistent, reliable relationship-building skillset that delivers results!

What’s included:

  • starModule 1: Why Prospects Buy:  How to Connect on an emotional level
  • starModule 2: Magnetic Content: Create content that attracts and converts
  • starModule 3: Storytelling Magic:  How to tell stories that not only connect, but sell!
  • starModule 4: Content Faucet: Produce a flood of content that hits the mark
  • starModule 5: Attention-Grabbing Visuals: Strategically create & use visual content 
  • starModule 6: Content Marketing Made Easy: – the System that pulls it all together (email, social, SEO, etc).


Get-It-Done Bonus #4:
Magnetize Your Market – The Attractor Workshop
(normally $397)

In this three-hour live session, we’ll help you get your arms around what would be good attractors (lead magnets) for your perfect potential customers.

You’ll leave the workshop knowing what to create and how use it to attract the right leads for your specific business.

Brainstorm with Kim, Margaret, and the other participants and get the feedback you need to really make it happen. Live and online.



Get-It-Done Bonus #5:
Segmenting for Success Workshop
(normally $397)

What are the right lead segments for YOU? Dig deep into the reasons people will want to work with you, and discover the segments that will work best for your business.

In this three-hour live workshop, you will have an opportunity to share your segmentation strategy, get feedback from Kim, Margaret, and other participants, and really set your strategy up for success.

Be prepared for a breakthrough or two as we dig in together!



Now is Your Time!  If Not Now, WHEN?

Even though we are doing this in a virtual environment, we are limiting the seats.  We are committed that everyone get the benefit and promise of the program.  Once it’s filled, that’s it – the doors will close.

SO, if you know you are ready to rock and roll, and generate your BEST advantage, and start really gaining traction, then do not pass this up – each program included, at the price we normally sell them for, is over $5,000. 

But given the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in – we are making this training – the 12 weeks and our 3-day deep dive intensive workshop — available for only $697  —  or 4 payments of $197.

That is over 80% OFF!!!

You just can’t beat that price for the results you’ll be able to produce!

Register Now!

It’s an Unmissable Experience…But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

“It was so great. It focused my thought. I got clarity. Now I have a cohesive plan” – Roy Varner

“Kim Albee is an extremely smart woman, who knows how to run a business and everything about email marketing and marketing in general” – Wendy Danko

“It shines a light on what you don’t know, what you need to do and what tools you can use to get it done” – Ben Pritchett

“I have learned so much from this program – Before, I thought I knew how to market my services (hit and miss), I have to say this intensive has me feeling so much more confident – and equipped with the tools and processes to remain successful. The support and guidance from Kim and Margaret has been stellar! Nothing like any program I have been in before. They really care and want you to be successful. I highly recommend this program – I would take it again!”


“Before I was in Marketing X-Factory Live, I almost felt like giving up on online marketing. I have had several programs and coaches I paid and followed.  Marketing X-Factory Live is for real! Kim Albee has an open heart to understand and is patient to everyone! Margaret Johnson’s expertise about “The Engine” is magnificent! I highly recommend this to novice and expert online marketers! Get into the program now!”


 “You’re going to get a lot of value. Kim always provides value” – Kerry Cadambi


    “It was more than I expected. Better than I expected. Great content, great speakers. I highly recommend it”. – Nancy Johnson

    “It really does take you from A to Z. You can plug in what you learn and it’s going to make a difference” – Marcy Nelson Garrison

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