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Small and mid-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations of all types and sizes use our flagship product, the Genoo Marketing Automation Platform, and our WordPress product, WPMktgEngine.

We are dedicated to making world-class marketing solutions available for a price point that works for your marketing budget, rich in features that you will actually use, and backed by outstanding customer support and training.

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Genoo Marketing Automation

WPMktgEngine – The Marketing Automation Plugin for WordPress

The Genoo Marketing Automation platform is the most full-featured, robust system you can get, with a top sender reputation, helping your emails get delivered to the inbox.

Ideal for small and mid-sized organizations of all sizes who have a designated marketing function and a desire to really impact results.

Choose Genoo if you need multiple users, want Salesforce integration, have more than 15,000 reachable leads, or if you do not have a WordPress website. PLUS – if you DO have a WordPress site, the Genoo Marketing Automation Platform includes the Genoo Plugin for WordPress at no additional cost. Need more integrations? We’ve likely got you covered. Click the button below to see everything you need to know about the platform.

Got WordPress? Have fewer than 15,000 leads? Want full-featured marketing automation that you access completely within your WordPress admin panel? WPMktgEngine could be for you.

Ideal for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small businesses who want great results from marketing, who want a simple-to-install, single-access system to handle their entire online presence.

WPMktgEngine is a very lightweight WordPress plugin that leverages a hybrid model: the Genoo cloud environment to secure and serve your data, manage your leads and emails, AND the power of WordPress. It does not impact your hosting package nor your WordPress environment, and works with just about any quality WordPress theme. WPMktgEngine was created to get technical headaches out of your life.



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