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Marketing Agencies & Consultants –

Do you provide email management and inbound marketing services to your clients?

Are you interested in adding to or improving a recurring revenue stream?

Genoo has a solution built just for you.

Provide the Solution They Need

Give your clients the marketing solution they need, even if they don’t know to ask for it. Market for them the way you know it should be done.

Your Pricing - Not Ours

Charge your client whatever you like, or don’t charge for software at all. It’s your choice. Genoo Agency Edition is designed to remove software cost from your sales conversations.

Save Time

No tech headaches for you. No cobbling various things together. Everything you need is right here – all the features of Genoo, available for every one of your clients.

Keep Your Clients Close

You manage everything as part of your monthly fees. Your clients will only see the results you provide. And they’ll be stellar.

We interviewed dozens of agency marketers to find out their biggest challenges, and the number one thing we heard was “our clients don’t get it.” These marketers WANT to provide top-notch email marketing, but their clients don’t understand the value.

Since the clients have had to pay for the marketing software they use, the agency sales process got complicated, and the price of a Hubspot or Marketo was hard to defend. So… they settled for an inexpensive solution that doesn’t have the features they want.

Settle no more! With Genoo Agency Edition, there’s no extra sales process to go through. Simply include the platform with your monthly services. Sell your skills. Sell the results.

What makes the Genoo Agency Edition different from other choices?
Genoo Agency
More control, more options for you.
  • check_boxYour customers are YOURS
  • check_boxPainlessly add new sub-accounts
  • check_boxManage your sub-accounts in one place
  • check_boxEasily release a sub-account to your client
  • check_boxKeep costs manageable
Other Agency "Solutions"
  • Your customers are THEIR customers
  • Purchase a subscription for every client
  • No integrated view of sub-accounts
  • Your client must own the subscription
  • Added cost for every new client you get



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