Leverage Google’s Universal Tracking Module for More In-Depth Source Tracking

Google’s UTM parameters, when added to your website URLs, allow you to track incoming leads based on your campaign information – but not to the specific PERSON. With Genoo’s Google UTM implementation, UTM parameters are parsed and entered into specific source fields in a lead’s record (provided they come in through and become leads on a UTM-coded page, of course).

Not only will you know the action they took to become a lead (the “lead source”), you’ll also know the campaign source, referrer, medium, and term (if you use them all) from your UTM parameters. Want to know who came in from Facebook? You can know that. Who came in from Facebook in the Holiday22 campaign?  How about… who came in from Facebook in the Holiday22 campaign who has since become a customer? You can know that, too. Track and measure results by external campaign for your lead generation efforts.