Use your own registration forms on your own website pages to register people into your webinars. Our integration passes the registration information through to Go-to-Webinar for you. You can still use the confirmation emails from your webinar platform, or you can use your own pre- and post-webinar emails, created in your Genoo platform. Webinar registrations are tracked within the lead record in your Genoo system, and webinar registrants can be triggered into a variety of actions automatically, if you want.

In addition, attendance data and attendee participation are automatically retrieved into Genoo. See at a glance how many attended and how many did not. Review the performance of in-webinar poll questions, and launch an email sequence right from the poll question results. See what questions were asked by attendees during the session. Inside each lead record, see all webinar participation, including questions asked, responses provided, and answers to poll questions.