If you’ve got Salesforce.com Professional or Enterprise, then you can integrate apps from their AppExchange — and we’ve got one! It makes it easy for you to pull across your leads and contacts directly into your Genoo account, as well as push leads across automatically into Salesforce.com based upon Lead to CRM triggers you establish, or a lead score threshhold that gets met. Your sales team can access the lead “Interest Profiles” for leads and contacts directly from the Salesforce.com lead/contact interface, allowing your sales folks to understand the interests leads have when starting the sales conversation.

Set your lead-to-CRM triggers as you need them: based on a download, an email clickthrough, the completion of a lead capture form, or a score threshold. Leads that meet the criteria are pushed across to your Salesforce.com account, and the campaign you’ve defined (and status for that campaign) is updated in real-time.