Create lead capture forms that get results; host them on WordPress, Genoo microsite pages, or on virtually any website platform. Choose pre-filled option to reduce friction and progressively capture more information about your leads as you guide them through your funnels or pathways.

Drag-and-drop form builder makes it super easy to customize the form to fit the need. Customize field labels if you like; create custom fields and include them in your forms if you need them. Change your button text to be action-specific. Use Google Invisible Captcha to reduce bots and spammers.

Plant a form anywhere you need it. With our WordPress plugin, embed a form in any page or post, or allow a form to appear as a pop-up. Not using WordPress? Embed the form HTML right into your site. Simple.

Lead information captured by the form goes right into your centralized lead database. Send notifications internally on a form-fill if you like. Provide an immediate email response via confirmation email. Trigger a nurturing sequence or any one of a host of other actions.