This is a mini miracle in the world of WordPress. First of all, you do not need (and will not want) any extra subscriptions for landing pages or opt-in pages; that functionality is included with the Genoo Plugin for WordPress (which you get as part of your Genoo subscription for no additional cost).

Use Page Builder to create beautiful landing page templates. Full drag and drop functionality make it easy to use, and a full range of elements makes pages easy to create. Start from a pre-configured template or start from scratch; it’s up to you. Embed a Genoo form. Use a CTA that you have in your CTA library. Include a survey or assessment. Whatever you need, you can do, and it’s all within your complete control.

Now that you have your template created, it takes – literally – 8 seconds to create a landing page. Mark it active, give it a URL, and you’re golden. Here’s why this is important. Imagine you’ve created an opt-in page and you want to track where traffic comes from. In 8 seconds, or less, you can create another landing page from the same template, and just give it a different URL. Change the template in Page Builder, and every page built from that template changes immediately. It’s magical, and it saves you so much time.