The sender score of the email servers sending your emails is a big factor in whether your emails actually get to the inbox, and don’t we know it. After watching a single company using bad sending practices send one of our email server scores into the gutter, we started scrutinizing everything. In the nearly ten years since that happened, we have evolved Genoo into one of the highest scoring email senders in the world. We know; we measure this every three days, against pretty much every other email sending platform out there. What’s more, unlike most, every one of our email servers is at the top of the score scale, so your emails never get sent from a low-scoring server.

That’s a HUGE difference between Genoo and, well, everyone else. On a scale of 1 to 100, as measured by an independent third party, Genoo email servers stand at 98 or 99 – every server, every day.