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Make email your highest-performing marketing tactic

Batch-and-Blast is dead. Stop it.


Targeted emails can create 43% more revenue for your organization than the old batch-and-blast routine (of sending the same email to everyone on your list).

43% more revenue. Sound good?

But where do you start? How do you get on that bandwagon? How do you make this a reality for your business?

Start here: Are you killing your list?

What’s the current state of your email marketing?

  • Open rates in a steady state of decline?
  • Clickthrough rates in the basement?
  • Opt-out rate consistent or growing?

These are sure signs that you are killing your list. The people you are emailing are getting tired of your message, most likely because you’re sending too much information that just isn’t relevant to them. They’ve tuned you out, even if they haven’t officially unsubscribed.

A winning email strategy is about engagement

A winning email strategy is relevant to the interests of your perfect potential customers, meets them where they are in their buying journey, and guides them along the path to becoming your customer. Emails that are targeted to the specific interests of the people on your list will deliver a far higher ROI than generic emails that you deliver to everyone.

Our Process

We get into the heads of your perfect potential customers – the people who are most likely to buy whatever you sell. We learn about their interests, pains, challenges, and opportunities. The knowledge gained during this steps allows us to look with fresh and objective eyes at your current email execution, including all current emails, email templates, and any nurturing sequences or autoresponder emails, leveraging our proprietary 12-Point Email Checklist, which covers email deliverability, email content, and email engagement. We also review the current consumption of content on your site, specifically offered downloads and recordings (if any).

What You Get

When all the work is done, we come back to you with an email strategy that is designed to engage your perfect potential customers, including:

  1. An analysis of the current state – what has been happening with your email marketing
  2. General changes to make to your emails to improve deliverability
  3. An overarching email strategy map designed to facilitate engagement


Do you have the objectivity you need on your current email strategy? A winning strategy is more than emails; there’s a lot to consider. We’re here to help.

Our decades of email experience, the studies we’ve done, the clients with whom we’ve worked – all have taught us what works and what falls flat. Need a clear roadmap? Let’s make it happen – together.

“Our email results are much better with the coaching we’ve gotten from you.” 

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Hawkeye Community College



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