Do you respond to every email you receive? Of course not! But let’s be honest – so many marketers put the same kind of message out, time after time, hoping that some sort of result will occur. Well, it’s true – you will get some responses. But what if you could get MORE responses, simply by varying the style of message you’re putting out there into the email inboxes of the people on your list?

Ultimately, everyone is selling SOMETHING, right? Maybe you’re not selling directly in your marketing emails (good), but you’re definitely trying to get the email recipients to DO something – register for a webinar, download a document, read your blog post, sign up for a class… it’s all sales, even when there isn’t money involved. And people buy for different reasons.

We talk a lot about segmentation – “listening” to what the people on your list tell you through their clicks, their downloads, their page views – and targeting your messaging so that you’re speaking to THEIR interests, the interest you’ll know they have. We’ve covered this in a number of blog posts as well as in our Email Expert Academy.

But there’s another way to think about content, and how you can reach into the heads of your potential customers in an entirely different way.

Kim Albee, Genoo’s president, outlined this concept in a panel discussion in which she recently participated. Take 3 minutes and see what you think.

We’ve developed an email formula that incorporates these concepts, and we cover this in Email Expert Academy as well as at our Marketing X-Factory Live events. It’s a formula that works – and causes more people to buy whatever it is you happen to be selling.